Is Newgrounds blocked at your school?

2008-02-28 02:01:09 by Engalde

Unblock newgrounds at work or school with ! a fast free web proxy.

Visit: unblock newgrounds

enjoy thx

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2008-02-28 02:21:46

lol newgrounds is blocked and so is that =(

Engalde responds:

woah where did you come from? How do know if its blocked?


2008-02-28 05:08:46

i go through proxys like freaking crazy.. we have a program called content keeper it must die lol

(Updated ) Engalde responds:

ah how does this content keeper work? Does it scan content?

Well subscribe to oxlab
Email newsletter. A new proxy is emailed once a week.
These ones have something page encoding. IF you right click on them View source>> you will see its like <script type="text/javascript">document.w rite(unescape('%0a<%74%69%74%6c%6 5>%67%6c%79%70%65 %70%72%6f%78%79</%74%69%74''))</s cript>
etc... lol

Content filter can't make much of that :O


2008-05-20 17:37:49

Sorry, can't say it works on my school's computer.


2008-10-16 12:01:51

it will only let me come to your page at school



2009-12-20 02:40:59

I believe NG is blocked on my computer with a Parental Control; the main homepage and all other pages work, but when I load the game, a blank white screen appears. Upon right clicking, the menu displays a 'movie not loaded' where the 'Settings' is supposed to be.

I Googled 'movie not loaded', and several people seemed to be experiencing the same problem. I used all the recommended methods with no luck. So I resorted to using, and it worked.

But it won't let me log in to my account, so I can save Achievements and earned medals. Correction, I am in fact allowed to log in, but when I try, the text that replaces the 'Submit' buttons remains as 'trying to log in' for the longest time.

Do you know any other proxies that accept flash and might amend the above problem?